Benito Berardo has played in many bands in the Midwest region over the past 25 years including, Open Settlement, Lb3, The Flood, Rising Sun, FreeState Ramblers, Chester Gilbey, and The Grayhounds. Passionately influenced by the blues artists of the Mississippi Delta, Charlie Patton, Son House, Robert Johnson, as well as the electric sounds of Muddy Waters, Albert King, Buddy Guy, and Hendrix, Benito brings to bare all his experience to BlueChime, holding true to his influences, while adding his own raw, driving musical grit.

James Wine has been working his bass chops in Kansas City area bands for decades influenced by old school, scale, pocket players such as Bill Black, Jerry Scheff, James Alexander, Carl Radle, Rob Grange, and Berry Oakley. James brings to BlueChime seasoned, funk/blues bottom end with flair and skill refined through years of experience.

Drew Hoffman has been a prolific percussionist for over twenty years in the Midwest area, despite overcoming many obstacles. At an early age, Drew was afflicted with the rare Pucker's Syndrome. Similar to Tourette Syndrome, it causes sporadic, uncontrollable facial contractions, contorting and protruding the facial labium in a circular shape, resembling a kiss-like formation. Though this contributed to his popularity with his many female, and male, fans, it scarred his mental psyche, as he felt his percussion talent was often overlooked for his sweet-like facial spasms. Drew first met Benito Berardo in 2008 collaborating in successful bands such as Honeycomb and Porterhouse. After a long hiatus, where he learned to control his affliction, he again reconnected with his former band-mate to join the Blues sounds of BlueChime.

Jesse Tharp hails from the great state of Kansas. Before hitching his cart up to the BlueChime wagon, Jesse took a job out in Mississippi where he turned muddy water into wine, then out to California through the forests and pines. The L.A. Street Gazette said of his percussion skills that, "...that boy's got a clock in 'em...". Implacable and exacting, Jesse brings the soft touch to the heat putting the Chime in BlueChime.